The Center for Reproductive Rights is a global human rights organization of lawyers and advocates who ensure reproductive rights are protected in law as fundamental human rights for the dignity, equality, health, and well-being of every person. Through their work across five continents, the Center has played a critical role in securing legal victories before national courts, United Nations Committees, and regional human rights bodies on reproductive rights issues including access to life-saving obstetrics care, contraception, maternal health, and safe abortion services, as well as the prevention of forced sterilization and child marriage.

"After Roe Fell: Abortion Laws by State" examines laws, constitutions, and court decisions on abortion—and assigns each state, territory, and the District of Columbia to one of five categories: Expanded Access, Protected, Not Protected, Hostile, and Illegal.

Explore this tool to learn about the 13 states with trigger bans—and all the bans and restrictions currently on the books in each state.


The Constitutionally protected right to safe and legal abortion has never faced greater threat. But the Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has implications that transcend safe and legal abortion.


People everywhere must raise their voices to make one thing clear: Abortion is essential. Use the TAKE ACTION toolkit to spread the word about what’s at stake and what you can do.


The Supermajority Education Fund is dedicated to supporting a multiracial coalition of women who seek to become better advocates for themselves, for their families, and for their communities— and make the Majority Rules real for all women.

Majority Leaders is a cohort training program to develop the next generation of leaders. Women learn about the Majority Rules and the skills to organize in their own communities from the best of the best activists.


Developed in partnership with over 70,000 women across the country, the Majority Rules lay out a vision for the world women deserve. Learn more and declare your support.


The Supermajority Education Fund Voter Checklist helps women get the information they need to cast an informed ballot.


The ERA Coalition was founded in 2014 to bring concerted, organized action to the effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Comprised of nearly 250 organizations across the country, the Coalition provides education and advocacy on Constitutional Equality. While the effort to amend the constitution to include sex equality began nearly a century ago, our renewed efforts are centered on Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latina, gender-nonconforming and transgender women and girls, and nonbinary people– those who are most impacted by systemic inequities.

The 2022 elections are critical to ensuring that our elected officials and those in positions of power at both the state and federal level are pro-equality and agree that there is no time limit on equality. The Elect Equality Campaign provides voters with the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates on their position on the ERA.


Vote Mama Foundation (VMF) builds political power for moms across the country. It is the leading source of research and analysis on the political participation of mothers in the United States and works towards gender equity by breaking the barriers mothers face when running for office, normalizing mothers with young children running for office, and enabling legislators to pass family-friendly legislation. Vote Mama Foundation is the only organization tracking the use of Campaign Funds for Childcare and working to pass Campaign Funds for Childcare in all 50 states by 2023, so that no parent is locked out of running for office due to an inability to afford childcare while campaigning. It is also the only organization tracking the number of mothers with young children serving in state legislatures throughout the country, and launching strategies to break down the structural barriers they face, according to race, region, socioeconomic status, and more.


She the People is a national network connecting women of color to transform our democracy. We are elevating and amplifying the voice and power of women of color as leaders, political strategists, organizers, and voters. She the People is building an inclusive, multiracial coalition driving a new progressive political and cultural era.

You have the power to transform our democracy, fueled by the organizing and vision of America's women of color. Sign up to receive important updates and opportunities to work with She the People to build a country where everyone thrives.

IGNITE is a movement of young women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders. IGNITE’s model moves young women to run and win, and it also dramatically increases their political engagement on every level: community organizers, campaign staffers, policy advocates and makers, party officials, commissioners, and candidates. IGNITE also celebrates their political ambition by elevating inspiring stories and voices that normalize and encourage young women's political engagement, ambition and leadership.


Black Voters Matter (BVM) is a 501(c)(4) voting rights and community empowerment organization, formed with the goal of increasing power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities. Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny and BVM believes that the key to effective civic engagement and community power is understanding, respecting and supporting local infrastructure. Black Voters Matter does this through organizational development and training of other grassroots groups. In addition to voter registration and get out the vote efforts, BVM advocates for policies to expand voting rights/access, including expanded early voting, resisting voter ID, re-entry restoration of rights and strengthening the Voting Rights Act. BVM also advocates for policies that intersect with race, gender, economic and other aspects of equity.​

Download the Empower App for digital organizing, so you can mobilize your friends & family ahead of the election.


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